Founded in 2010, My Shop Asia is a collective of skilled artisans who are passionate about designing, crafting, and offering a diverse range of handcrafted goods


Discover the essence of Nepal’s rich cultural traditions and lifestyle through the unique selection of products at My Shop Asia. We take pride in bringing you the very best that Nepal has to offer, enriching every aspect of your life with a touch of its heritage. Our handpicked products are carefully curated, following the principles of Fair Trade, and pay homage to Nepal’s renowned arts, crafts, and spiritual wisdom. Our mission is to make Nepal’s culture and art accessible to all, ensuring its preservation and promoting the talented artisans, designers, and artists who employ traditional techniques and hand-based processes. By supporting our shop, you contribute to the preservation of Nepal’s inspiring culture while empowering the very communities that create these exquisite pieces.

Nepal, a land of incredible vibrancy and inspiration, encompasses a treasure trove of cultural wonders. Its exquisite architecture, deeply-rooted Buddhist and Hindu artistic expressions, and diverse traditions showcase a world like no other. From vibrant lifestyle clothing to intricately handcrafted decor, Nepal’s artistic heritage is truly captivating. Moreover, the country is blessed with awe-inspiring natural beauty and historical landmarks, and its diverse cultures span from the majestic mountains to the serene valleys, creating a unique tapestry.

Over the years, My Shop Asia has been bringing a piece of Nepal to homes worldwide, satisfying friends who marvel in wonder at the beauty of this country. With our unique product range hand-picked by our team of experienced editors, we bring a selection woven, knit, jewelry, beauty products, paintings and more.



At our core, we are passionate about design and committed to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating unique artisanal products. Our mission is to bring the essence of Nepali arts, crafts, and spiritual depth within reach of everyone.


Within our company, we take pride in our self-owned manufacturing unit, providing a pleasant and nurturing working environment for numerous skilled craftspeople. However, to meet the diverse demands of our customers, we also collaborate with individual artists who work from the comfort of their homes. This fusion of teamwork and independent creativity enables us to deliver a wide range of exceptional products to our valued customers.

Marketing and selling

Our product enjoys the support of a partner company based in the US/UK, responsible for marketing. We greatly value this collaboration and are open to exploring opportunities for further joint endeavors. We welcome others to work alongside us as we continue to grow and expand our reach.

At our core, we are committed to the principles of Fair Trade. Our dedication to this ethos ensures that all our artisans, designers, and artists are fairly compensated, receiving remuneration that surpasses market rates. We adamantly oppose the use of Child Labor and proudly certify that none of our merchandise involves children at any stage of the manufacturing process. Our ethical practices ensure that every product we offer is created with integrity and social responsibility.

"I have been searching for authentic traditional art pieces from Nepal, and this store exceeded my expectations! The paintings I ordered were meticulously created and captured the essence of Nepal's culture perfectly. The team was helpful and made sure my order was well-packaged and delivered in pristine condition. I am genuinely impressed!" Louise, Chicago, USA
"As an avid supporter of Fair Trade practices, I was thrilled to discover this shop offering a fantastic selection of handcrafted products. I purchased a stunning woven cashmere scarf, and not only did it arrive quickly, but I also felt good knowing that my purchase is supporting talented artisans. Will definitely be coming back for more!" Mike, California, USA
"What a gem of a store! The handwoven Beanie hats are of exceptional quality, and I appreciate how they incorporate sustainable practices. The colors and patterns are vibrant, and you can feel the artistry that goes into each piece. I've received many compliments on the table runners I bought here. Definitely a must-visit shop for anyone who appreciates true craftsmanship." Merry
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