Significant Role of Metal Crafts in Nepalese Buddhism and Hinduism

The realm of arts and crafts in Nepal has been greatly enriched by the profound influence of metal crafts, which have held a pivotal role in both Buddhism and Hinduism since ancient times. These metal creations extend beyond mere statues of divine figures, encompassing an array of ritual artifacts.

Within the Himalayan expanse of Nepal, the presence of a deity statue within a household is considered indispensable. This practice extends beyond residences to encompass hotels and business offices, all adorned with intricate metal deity sculptures, showcasing the pervasive influence of metal crafts.

The meticulous artistry of metal crafts is a craft cherished by the Newar community, flourishing in Kathmandu and the neighboring district of Lalitpur (Patan). Amongst them, the Shakya lineage within the Newar community has garnered a reputation as eminent masters of this craft. The lineage proudly inherits and imparts metal crafting skills across generations, an enduring legacy from their forebears.

Copper, brass, and an assortment of other metals form the palette from which these remarkable creations are born. Some are embellished with the opulence of pure gold, while others are adorned with the allure of gold-plated finishes. The artistry transcends mere craftsmanship; it embodies a legacy that continues to flourish, enriching Nepal’s cultural landscape.

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